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Ben Affleck wants 'graceful and cool' exit from Batman role

Holy short-term heroes, Batman! "You don't do it forever," says the "Justice League" star of playing the Caped Crusader.


Is Batman looking for a way out?

Warner Bros

There's a meme that says, "Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then, always be Batman."

But Ben Affleck, who actually gets to be Batman, may not be buying that T-shirt.

On Tuesday, Affleck was quoted in USA Today as saying he knows he can't play a superhero forever (which even Robert Downey Jr. admits). 

"You don't do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it," Affleck said.

While Affleck has only played Batman since 2016, he's long seemed restless in the role. He also sounded vague about the prospects of appearing in the 2018 Matt Reeves-directed film  "The Batman," calling it "something I'm contemplating."

Also this week, Affleck appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about why he accepted the role in the first place. Turns out it's a family affair.

"Literally, the reason I took this movie is imagining wearing that costume and ... I've got a little boy, and having my son see me," he said. "Everybody wants their kid to think of them as a superhero, you know, before they get too smart."

Affleck will next be seen as Batman in "Justice League," which opens Nov. 17.