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Belly belt for breeding baby Bon Jovis

A strap-on belly speaker that broadcasts music to baby can be used for good and perhaps evil.


I do not have kids. At this point it's looking unlikely that I ever will. And that might be a good thing for everyone involved, because I'm a horrible person. At least I do horrible things.

Take the Lullabelly, the Buzz Report's Gadget of the Week. It's a prenatal music belt with a built-in speaker that will play music to your baby in the womb. An expectant mother puts an iPod, smartphone, CD player, etc., into the belt's compartment and plugs it in to play soothing music for her baby. The idea is that nine months of this makes the baby smarter. I buy the theory, but I'm not the type to do things the right way.


If I had the Lullabelly I would not load it up with Mozart. I would not bombard my unborn baby with Bach or Beethoven. If I had a Lullabelly it would offer a brand new use for my 2GB of Slayer MP3s. My baby would be the toughest baby on the block.

But that's me. I'm sure responsible parents would actually use this as intended in hopes that they bear pitch-perfect offspring. There's actual science behind the idea, after all. So I'm not discounting the product, I'm just saying it's maybe not for everybody. Like me.

The Lullabelly comes in several polka dot patterns and sells in standard and deluxe packages ($49 and $55, respectively). The former includes a speaker for the baby only and the latter tosses in a dual earphone adapter and earphones with volume control for Mom.