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Bells want to crush Net telephony

In response to the February 26 Perspectives column by Sue Ashdown, "Will the Bells crush Net calling?":

I'm a Vonage user, and I'm saving over $100 a month making calls over my cable modem connection. I had to use cable because SBC Communications' DSL cramps upload speeds at 120kbps, which can result in feedback tests as low as 30kbps.

"Wassup" with that? When I called SBC, they read me the company line that said the fine print doesn't guarantee upload and download speeds. Methinks it's further evidence that the Bells are trying to stump VoIP (voice over IP) growth.

Also, on the long-distance front, it's nearly impossible to figure out least-cost plans as MCI, AT&T, Sprint PCS, and others increase monthly fees and offer reduced per-minute calling. (Why doesn't a nickel a minute equal a nickel?) And try to find a long-distance carrier that you can make reasonable international calling on. VoIP is the only solution for long-distance and international, and quality is on par with major carriers.

It will be a sad day for consumerism if the FCC does side with the Bells. Thanks for the perspective.

Mike Silva
San Francisco, CA