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Bells still trying to go the distance

The major local phone companies look to rewrite FCC guidelines for long distance in their push to build high-speed networks for Internet service.

The Baby Bells have enlisted another player in their fight to offer long distance services. Technology bellwethers Compaq and Intel today joined up with BellSouth and others to press the FCC to allow the regional Bell companies to build high-speed networks in order to ferry Internet traffic over long distances.

Bells enlist Intel, Compaq in battle
update Five of the nation's biggest local phone companies join with technology's heavy hitters to petition the federal government for new rules governing high-speed Internet access.

FCC walks tightrope over ISP calls
Already a month past its own self-imposed deadline, the Federal Communications Commission is close to ruling that local calls to Internet service providers should be treated as long distance, sources say.

House targets FCC "threats"
A U.S. House subcommittee is close to issuing a report saying the Federal Communications Commission threatened long distance phone companies in order to further political goals, according to a memo leaked to some trade publications.