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Bellperre luxury phones: Plastic out, buffalo in

Exotic skins and precious metals replace the synthetic stuff.


Last year luxury handset maker Bellperre made some news with the audacious claim that it would produce mobile phones without using a single plastic part (heresy). And now it's come out with a new line that focuses on its exterior as well.

So what is it like to make a product without synthetic polymers? Try crocodile, shark, and buffalo skin, combined with aircraft aluminum, premium hardwoods, and 18k rose gold. Those are a few of the options offered in the European company's latest models, which come in more than 200 colors, according to Newlaunches. Handmade in the Netherlands, they're supposedly no heavier than their plastic competitors.

It will be interesting to see how Bellperre fares in the luxury phone market, where competition is extreme by any measure. But there's one advantage to making handsets with no plastic: There are fewer crafts materials that can be glued on.