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Be a breakfast hero with this $20 Belgian flip waffle maker on sale today only

Maple syrup not included.


If you're hosting family this holiday, a waffle party might just be the easiest way to impress a big group in the morning (and keep the kids occupied and smiling). Right now, a Bella Pro Series Belgian Flip Waffle Maker is on sale for just $20 at Best Buy as part of its Deal of the Day -- down from $50. 

The Bella Pro Series makes four waffles at once to keep breakfast moving, and is made with a nonstick, scratch-resistant copper, titanium and ceramic coating for easy cleanup. A manual flip and custom browning options means even and perfectly-cooked waffles every time. It's also safe to operate so the young ones in your group can jump in on the fun.

This is a one-day-only deal and with Best Buy's fast free shipping, you'll be flipping Belgian waffles by Friday (oh hey, weekend!) or buy online and pick up at your local Best Buy today.

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