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Belkin's stylish, iPod-ready microphone

Belkin's stylish, iPod-ready microphone

Although the Apple iPod doesn't have recording features built in, it became obvious that the player at least had the capability to record voice when Belkin came out with the iPod Voice Recorder. Now, the company improves upon this concept with the TuneTalk for iPod. This cute and stylish baby mic looks funky sticking out of the top of the iPod but in a good way. A flexible neck allows you to position the mic in any direction, all the better for pointing directly at the sound source of your recording (definitely a step up from the Voice Recorder). The mic comes with a foam cover through which a red LED shines to indicate that the device is recording. The TuneTalk, which is priced at $29.99, was due out at the end of July, but it was still unavailable at the time of this writing.