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Belkin Universal Media Reader handles 1, 2, 3, 4...56 different cards!

Small media card reader supports 56 types of cards.


It's true, despite only having six slots, this upcoming Universal Media Reader from Belkin is capable of reading 56 different memory cards. No adapters are necessary either, so no hunting for that full-size SD adapter for a miniSD or microSD card.

The Reader will be available in black or white models and each includes 1-foot and 5-foot USB cables making travel a little easier. Graphics on the faceplate mean even illiterate, nontechie types will be able to use it simply by matching the card in their hand to the picture on front. And when it's not in use you can stand it on its face to protect the slots from dust and debris.

The basic card types covered are MS/MS Duo, SD/MMC/mini-SD, M2, micro-SD, SmartMedia/xD, and CF/Microdrive, but I was a little curious about how Belkin arrived at 56. Here's the chart the company sent me to show what the device supports. By the looks of it, there's probably little chance you'll be able to stump this reader.


It will launch in September for $49.99, a bargain if you actually use more than one card type. Plus, the Reader's firmware can be upgraded in the future to support higher-capacity cards.