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Belkin TuneCommand AV: your wish is its command

Belkin TuneCommand AV: your wish is its command

Belkin has done an admirable job integrating the iPod with home stereos with its TuneStage wireless transmitter. Its latest product, the TuneCommand AV, aims to take that connectivity to the next level. When a compatible iPod--it works with almost every dock-enabled iPod model--is connected to the TuneCommand base station (which doubles as a recharger), you can control playback with the included remote. But the TuneCommand truly shines when used with a video or photo-enabled iPod: connect the dock to your television via the S-Video input, and you can view the media stored on the iPod, rewinding and fast-forwarding from the comfort of your sofa. If you've got a hankering to watch that $1.99 episode of Lost on the big screen, take note: the TuneCommand hits stores in April for $80.