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Belkin says 'no' to the USB hokey-pokey

Belkin announces four new USB hubs, including a wireless version.

Most desktop and laptop PCs have, at most, four USB ports for peripherals such as cameras, hard drives, and printers, but most of us have more than four peripherals to connect to our PCs. So we're all familiar with the USB hokey-pokey: you put your camera USB in, you take the printer USB out, your put the thumbdrive USB in, and your cords get tangled about. So not fun. Today, Belkin announced four new USB hubs that let you keep all your peripherals connected and that don't block adjacent USB ports.

The Swivel Hub Belkin

The $30 Swivel Hub is a 4-to-1 expander that rotates 180 degrees so you can still use adjacent ports. Additionally, it swivels up and down so you actually see the port you're plugging into, instead of blindly poking your USB connector at the port.

The Clip-On Hub Belkin

The $30 Clip-On Hub is also a 4-to-1 expander but includes a claw that can grab on to the edge of your desk or corral a mess of cables. It has two top-mounted ports for peripherals you plug and unplug frequently (such as an MP3 player or thumbdrive) and two side-mounted ports for items you leave constantly connected (such as printers or hard drives).

The Hub-to-Go Belkin

The $50 Hub-to-Go comprises two sections: a base unit with three ports and a detachable unit with four ports. The detachable section can go with you when you're on the road and it rotates and swivels like the Swivel Hub. The base unit stays put on your desktop (for printers and such) and includes a catch-all tray for the normal desktop junk, like paper clips and sticky notes.

The Wireless USB Hub and Adapter let you roam free while printing. Belkin

Finally, Belkin also announced the $200 Wireless USB Hub, which uses Certified WUSB technology. The base sits on your desk (or wherever you want to keep your printer, scanner, and such) and includes four ports into which you can plug various USB peripherals. The wireless USB adapter plugs into one of the ports on your laptop and lets you use those peripherals while roaming up to 30 feet.

All four products come with a power port and power supply, and all will be available in late August.