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Belkin Podcast Studio

New Belkin Podcast Studio lets you make high-quality audio recordings on your iPod--anywhere.


Clearly, the Apple iPod offers a reasonable array of attractive features--a slick interface, excellent podcast support, video capability--but recording ability has never made the list. The value of this feature may be questionable for some, but for others, it's a desirable extra. Luckily for audio note takers and aspiring podcasters, several third-party vendors have come to the rescue. The latest is Belkin with its fabulously portable Podcast Studio, which cradles the iPod while turning it into an on-the-go recording machine. The Podcast Studio, which is expected to launch in June 2008 at a price of $99.99, runs off of two AAA batteries for about 2 hours, giving you freedom to record anytime, anywhere. The unit is equipped with a speaker for monitoring recordings, as well as a built-in mic. Alternatively, it offers dual 3.5mm channels and an XLR port for connecting external mics. Each recording is stored separately in the iPod's memory and then automatically uploaded into iTunes when you sync the player. Unfortunately, the Podcast Studio is not compatible with the Touch or the iPhone--use it only with a fifth-gen, Classic, or third-gen Nano.