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Belkin makes PC-to-Mac switch even easier

From the Just-what-Microsoft-didn't-need department, the component maker introduces a $50 cable that automates moving files from Windows to a Mac.

Belkin's new $50 cable aims to make the PC-to-Mac move even easier. Belkin

Back in 2006, Microsoft was only too happy to tout a cable from Belkin that made it easier to move from XP to Vista. It even gave away the devices as part of its CES press kits.

However, a new twist on that cable is likely to get a far chillier reception in Redmond.

While Belkin's original USB cable--the Easy Transfer Cable--was aimed at moving from XP to Vista, its latest product is aimed at those moving to a Mac.

The $50 Switch-to-Mac cable "automatically moves your music, movies, photos, files, and Internet preferences" from a Windows machine over to a shiny new Mac. It works with either XP or Vista on the PC side and either Tiger or Leopard on the Mac as far as Macs go.

There's obviously other ways to move files and make the switch, but if this cable works as smoothly as the XP-to-Vista one did, it's likely to make life easier for switchers.

As for Microsoft, it declined to comment on Belkin's announcement.