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Belkin kills off TuneStage Nano, preps TuneStage II

Belkin kills off TuneStage Nano, preps TuneStage II

The TuneStage for iPod Nano is dead; long live the TuneStage II. That's the word from Belkin regarding the future iteration of one of our favorite iPod accessories. Rather than release a model that fits only the Nano, Belkin is prepping a TuneStage II that includes a dongle that will fit the Nano and the 5G iPod with video (and, we'd suspect, any other recent iPods that use the dock connector). By comparison, the previous (and still available) TuneStage uses a dongle that fits to the remote connector found on older iPods and iPod Minis, but is absent on 5G and Nano versions.

The TuneStage II sounds like a worthwhile improvement to us. (The first item listed on "The Bad" for the TuneStage Nano review was almost certain to be "works only with the iPod Nano.") We'll have a hands-on review once the TuneStage II hits next month, but if you're itching to hear your iPod's music on your home stereo without any cable entanglements, check out the similar Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod. Its wireless dongle is a bit bulkier, but it works with any iPod model (or anything with a standard 1/8-inch headphone jack).

Source: BlueTomorrow via Gizmodo