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Light Bulbs

Belkin gets WeMo LEDs onto IFTTT, slashes their price

Now featuring a dedicated channel on IFTTT, the two-bulb WeMo starter set will sell for $50, down from $100.

Ry Crist/CNET

Belkin's smart bulbs are set to debut a dedicated channel on IFTTT this week, along with a much lower price tag. Originally priced at $30 per bulb, or $100 for a two-bulb starter set featuring the WeMo Link plug-in bridge, the bulbs will now sell for $25 each -- or $50 for the starter set.

For now, the new pricing only applies to US shoppers. Currently, the bulbs sell for considerably more in the UK (£25/£80) and Australia (AU$60/AU$180), though Belkin's team tells me that they're working on revamped international pricing, too.

Belkin isn't the only name pushing LED pricing down to new lows this year. Philips recently added a $5 LED to Home Depot's shelves, and also cut the cost of its connected, white-light only Hue Lux LEDs to $20 per bulb, or $80 for a two-bulb starter kit . At the beginning of the year, Cree unveiled a standalone smart bulb that costs just $15 , which puts it in a pricing tie with GE's low-cost Link LED .

With a channel on IFTTT, the free online service that enables "if this, then that" style automation, you'll be able to trigger WeMo LED lighting changes using the growing number of IFTTT-compatible apps, Web services, and smart-home gadgets. Recent additions to the IFTTT channel lineup include Amazon Echo, the Lifx color-changing LED , and iSmartAlarm's sensor-based home security system.

In addition to the IFTTT channel and the new price points, Belkin also announced that version 1.12 of the WeMo app will include full controls for Osram's color tunable Lightify LEDs , part of a continuing partnership between the two brands. The app update is scheduled to go live for both Android and iOS users later today.

Belkin WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set