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Belkin FlyThru: Another checkpoint-friendly bag

For your holiday travels, here's a simple black laptop bag to help you sail through security.


Back in September, Dan Ackerman reviewed two of the new airport checkpoint-friendly laptop bags, one from Targus, one from CODi. And while there are a few more on the market, the only one announced Monday was this one from Belkin.

Available now in the U.S. for $59.99, the FlyThru puts your laptop off by itself on one side while accessories and your other miscellany are off on the other side. It just unzips and lays flat on the belt as it takes a ride through the screener.

It's designed to fit notebooks up to 15.4 inches, wide screen or standard. Metal zippers and other hardware were kept to a minimum so as to not stymie security, and apparently the zipper for the laptop compartment is positioned to let you grab your bag off the belt without it falling out. Super.