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Belkin CableFree unplugs printers and more

Belkin CableFree unplugs printers and more

Belkin's CableFree USB hub lets you connect peripherals to a PC without running wires to the computer. This would soothe the headache for anyone who brings a new printer home only to find out that the USB cable that came inside the box isn't long enough to reach the PC in a far corner of the room. Belkin's four-port hub allows your computer to connect to a printer, a scanner, or any other USB 2.0 gadget without installing any drivers or software. Belkin says that its device, powered by Freescale's short-range Ultra-Wideband technology, transfers data up to 100 times faster than a Bluetooth connection. Pricing is expected to be about $125 for both pieces, available in April. Gefen is releasing a similar device, the Wireless USB Extender.

Editors' note: We've updated this post to reflect that the CableFree device does not eliminate the need for a USB cable. Rather, you'll still need a USB cable to connect a peripheral to the CableFree hub.