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James Bond faces his toughest challenge yet: Being a dad

He may be a secret agent with tons of gadgets and a license to kill, but Bond is no match for a young Bond Jr. in this parody from comedy group Cannibal Milkshake.

Does James Bond have what it takes to be a dad?

Q tells 007 he's a father in this parody clip from Jeff Ayars and Dan Rosen of comedy group Cannibal Milkshake. Posted Friday, the clip shows Bond feverishly cleaning up his home -- clearing away beer bottles and dirty magazines to prepare for the arrival of his son, who it turns out was the byproduct of a fling with a summer intern at the CIA.

Initially, Bond can do little to please his son, James Bond Jr., who isn't even impressed by 007's slick, high-tech watch. "My iPhone does all of that," junior says.

Eventually, however, Bond embraces the situation and goes full dad, playing the classic Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64, enjoying some branded Cokes while he and his son lounge in tuxedos, and playing catch in the park with a grenade.

You know, dad stuff.

And, of course, James teaches his son how to master the art of the pickup line.

Bond must spring quickly into action when James Jr. is kidnapped by the playground bully. You can see how Bond manages to save the day in the clip above.