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Behold the horror of BB-8 dubbed with Windows XP sounds

The plucky rolling droid from "Star Wars" gets his cute beeps and boops replaced with obnoxious sounds straight out of Windows XP.

Oh, BB-8, you're so adorable! You're round and sassy and you make sweet digital noises that are full of personality. And then YouTube user Brian Elder had to come along and ruin it for us with a video that replaces the droid's charming vocabulary with sounds from Windows XP.

Microsoft doesn't exist in the world of Star Wars, but if the company made droids, then they'd no doubt sound like Elder's version of BB-8. The droid's new lexicon includes classic Windows XP hits like "battery critical," "critical stop," "Windows XP default" and "error."

Elder wasn't content to assault just our ears, he also went after our eyes by including a cameo appearance by the dreaded Clippy Microsoft Office assistant. It's actually kind of brilliant. I imagine there are quite a few Star Wars fans who would pay good money to see Clippy taken out by a lightsaber because Clippy is obviously a misunderstood, though still plenty evil, Sith Lord.