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Behold: The Facebook 'magic circles' trick

Fed up with Facebook? No, we didn't think so, but why not take a break from stalking your exes to try out this bizarre and pointless trick?

Facebook is and always will be a wonderful tool for spying on your exes, but why not take a break from stalking that heartless, deceitful hussy to try this hack?

Log into Facebook as normal, ignoring your usual insatiable urge to send grovelling emails to your former sweetheart. Click on an empty area of the page then, using the cursor keys, hit up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, then press enter. If you've done this correctly, 'magic circles' will appear every time you click on a link or scroll up or down the page.

We've got to give Facebook's programmers props for choosing this particular entry method for the trick, as it pays homage to early Nintendo games, many of which used the same code to allow extra lives, skip levels or obtain invincibility. However, the cheat doesn't appear to do anything at all useful. It doesn't let you look at locked profiles, it won't let you into the secret beach holiday picture gallery of your old flame, and it doesn't let you update her new boyfriend's status to, "I'm a secret lover of goats."

Still, give it a go for yourselves then, when you're bored, log out and log back in again to disable the effect. That is all.