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Behold the David Lynch 'Star Wars' that could have been

"Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" would have been a lot different had David Lynch accepted George Lucas' invitation to direct it.

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Back in the early 1980s, George Lucas asked David Lynch to direct "Return of the Jedi," the final entrant in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. The "Twin Peaks" creator turned Lucas and the likely massive payday down, leaving fans to wonder what a Lynch-directed "Star Wars" might look like.

Wait no more.

This video trailer from YouTube user C-SPIT gives us a three-minute glimpse into the David Lynch "Star Wars" universe, complete with Lynch's surreal, dream-like cinematic style. It's actually oddly fitting for some of the dark scenes in "Return of the Jedi," though we're thankful he ultimately turned the project down.

But man, just imagine the fun Lynch could have had with a character like Jar Jar Binks in Episode I.

(Via WelcomeToTwinPeaks)