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Behold BMOW, the homemade 8-bit CPU!

California game developer builds his own 8-bit desktop processor turned us onto a fantastic DIY project this morning by one Steve Chamberlin, a video game developer from Belmont, CA. In his spare time, Steve cooked up a hand-built 8-bit CPU. He's built a complete PC around his processor, dubbed BMOW (Big Mess O' Wires), and even has shots of it playing chess.

Steve Chamberlin's homemade 8-bit CPU Steve Chamberlin

BMOW currently operates at 2MHz, supported by 512KB of RAM, and with two-color video output at a resolution of 512 x 480. You can read more details about the BMOW on Steve's blog, here. If you want to check it out in person, Steve plans to show BMOW off at this weekend at the Maker Faire, aka the Super Bowl of DIY projects, at the San Mateo County Expo Center in San Mateo, CA.