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Behind the scenes with Loren Feldman

CNET Editor in Chief Dan Farber talks with Loren Feldman--actor, director, producer, and writer of the edgy and often humorous Web videos from 1938 Media.

Loren Feldman of 1938 Media is bringing his lampooning brand of humor to Web 2.0 land. It's as if Lenny Bruce landed in 21st century Silicon Valley instead of at Carnegie Hall in 1961.

His humorous and sometimes viciously cutting video interviews and rants, often with a sock puppet named for PR guru and blogger Shel Israel, are becoming cult favorites, sending waves of laughter and shock throughout office buildings and living rooms. In the video interview below I ask Loren about the origins of his recent work and what gives with the Shel Israel puppet.

Check out one of Loren's videos below, where his puppet persona interviews Kara Swisher of All Things D:

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