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Behind the scenes: Telstra's Xoom TVC

Take a look at the making of Telstra's TV commercial for the Motorola Xoom, and how hard the production team worked to create CG-like effects in-camera.

(Screenshot by CBSi)

The TV commercial for the Motorola Xoom on the Next G network has been playing for a few weeks now, and we must have seen the ad a dozen times or more, but we'd have never have guessed that so much of the ad and its effects shots was produced in-camera.

Sydney production team, Engine, put the ad together with the goal of producing as many in-camera effects as possible before the visual-effects (VFX) team composited the images and added a layer of CG polish. It really is quite extraordinary to see the rig used to "build" the interior of a car in one fluid motion.

While the goal of motion visual effects is to imitate reality, the Engine team really went out of their way to recreate CG-like effects in reality. This approach didn't remove the need for VFX, though, with Engine's artists adding 127 VFX layers to add seamless interactive lighting and reflections.

Telstra Behind the Scenes from engine on Vimeo.