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BeeWi brings bounty of Bluetooth gadgets to CES 2014

The European company's fighting robots, versatile headphones, and app controlled LED lights shined the brightest at CES 2014.

The BeeWi Bluetooth Fighting Mini Robots are remotely controlled by an app. Nick Statt/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- BeeWi brought a whimsical and Bluetooth-laden selection of products to CES 2014. From fighting robots to an award-winning Bluetooth headset, the European company showcased a variety of app powered toys and home products. Here are a few highlights of some fun and functional devices they shared with us.

The BeeWi BBH300 headphones rocks an award winning design. BeeWi

BBH300 Bluetooth stereo headphones
At first look, BeeWi's Bluetooth BBH300 headphones are a simple set of monochrome foldable headphones with a dock. However, the humbly minimalist pair won the CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering award.

The dock charges the headphones, which have an average battery life of about 18 hours, but it also houses an auxiliary port. This allows you to wirelessly stream music through the headphone's dock and to the connected speaker.

The headphones, available in black or white, also feature an auxiliary port for wired listening. BeeWi's BBH300 Bluetooth stereo headphones retail for $149.

The BeeWi 's color can be changed to suite your mood, themed party, or elaborate light show. Josh Miller/CNET

Smart Color Light
If you're into mood lighting, BeeWi's Smart Color Light may be the bulb you've been looking for. The LED bulb is easily changeable in real-time by using the free BeeWi SmartPad app and features a sunrise and disco mode.

BeeWi also offers the Smart Gateway, which allows you to connect the Smart Color Light to the Internet and adds a few useful features, like a motion sensor. Unlike the rest of the products highlighted, there is no Windows 8 app available.

The robots "fight" via infrared. Josh Miller/CNET

Bluetooth Fighting Mini Robot
These small but fiesty fighting robots connect via Bluetooth and pack infrared "guns" inside their eyes. They're operated by an app and can be moved with motion control by tilting and turning your mobile device. Luckily for handset users, the app is available through the App Store, the Google Play store, and for Windows Phone 8.

Unlike BeeWi's award-winning headphones, these robots do not dock or recharge. They run on two AAA batteries and have a range up to 33 feet. A rationale for fighting each other has yet to been revealed.

BeeWi is one of many vendors unveiling a slew of cool and new products this week. Keep track of them and all other CES 2014 news here.