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BeeTV delivers personal TV recommendation system

The service brings a Netflix-like suggestion system to the TV, meaning that users can easily find what they want to watch.

SAN DIEGO--The TV guide may no longer be necessary.

That's the message a company called BeeTV delivered at DemoFall Monday morning.

The company's platform is essentially a personal TV suggestion engine, the idea of which is to make it easier for people to find the kind of TV content they really want to watch instead of having to pick and choose randomly through the enormous number of movies, shows, games and so forth that are always on.

It's basically a personal content channel, the company says, that is designed to learn from users' behaviors and tastes.

The service draws in content from broadcast and subscription TV, Pay-per-view and from users' own DVRs.

By selecting some criteria of things you want to watch, the service starts to learn what you enjoy and then begins to offer you more of what you want. In many ways, it's like Netflix's recommendation engine, except it's personal and local.

This is based on algorithms, the company says, which analyzes "the true DNA" of content, creating in the process a large selection of suggestions of things to watch.

The service is white labeled, meaning that TV operators can offer it to their customers without those users even knowing who's behind it.