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Beetlmania in Europe this weekend

Tour of enthusiasts to bring uniquely painted Beetles both old and new.


Hundreds of Volkswagen Beetle owners are expected to caravan the Baltic coast this Saturday for a summer event to celebrate all things Beetle.

The Beetle Sunshine Tour is being run by Gabriele Kraft, a New Beetle Cabriolet owner from Lubeck, Germany, who privately started the event in 2004. She now has the support of Volkswagen and the town of Gromitz, which is the tour's final destination and where a celebration will be held along the promenade.

This year, Volkswagen will also celebrate production of its one millionth New Beetle, which will make an appearance, as part of the festivities.

For our European Beetle-owning readers interested in joining up, you can register as part of the caravan at the Beetle Sunshine Tour Web site.

Or, really, just show up. Who's going to turn you away?