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Beeri: Siri cracks open a cold one for you

Finally, Siri gets really useful. Tinkerers use Siri to trigger an RC truck toy to smash a beer can open and pour it into a glass.

Beeri truck
Siri + toy truck = beer explosion. Redpepper

Everywhere you turn, it's Siri this and Siri that. Now Siri can help make all that Siri news go down smoother with a frosty cold brewski, poured just for you.

Advertising agency Redpepper wanted to spice up Siri's skill set. Naturally, the tinkerers turned to a monster truck toy and a can of Dale's Pale Ale. Hence, Beeri was born.

Beeri is an RC truck that has been modified to check the Twitter account @beeribot over Wi-Fi for new tweets with the "pour" command.

The makers achieved this by using an onboard open-source Arduino physical computing platform (as did this tweet-printing toilet paper dispenser). Beeri also has an unopened beer can strapped to the front bumper.

Redpepper created the @beeribot account and assigned a contact to it on the iPhone 4S. The soon-to-be-beer-drinker tells Siri to tweet, "Could you pour me a beer?" to @beeribot.

The truck picks up the word, revs itself up, and smashes into a sharp object to pierce the beer can. The frothy beverage flows down through a hole and into a pint glass below.

This is just about the most impractical and convoluted way you could possibly pour a beer. Most of the precious liquid goes up in foam. You have to reload the truck every time. It creates a Gallagher-style mess. It's also awesome and may be the most compelling reason yet to get an iPhone 4S.

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.