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Beer on tap, straight from the fridge door

Possible the best refrigerator ever made.

Asko Cylinda

It's a good thing colleague Caroline McCarthy is swamped at DigitalLife, or she'd be accusing me of blatantly poaching on her beat with this item. (And she'd be right.) But some things just can't wait.

Behold the "HomePub" fridge freezer from Sweden's Asko, which brilliantly designed a special tap recess so it wouldn't take away any internal space--obviously anticipating potential spousal objections. Appliancist says there's also a shelf inside made especially to store "spare kegs," as if there are such things. And the whole appliance, which lists for about $1,048, is even treated with an antibacterial silver-ion finish for germaphobes.

All of which gives us the idea for a slogan: "Asko and you shall receive." Apologies.