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Beer on Mars? Budweiser is brewing up a plan to make it happen

The beer company is bubbling over with hopes to make a microgravity brew that can be consumed on the Red Planet.

If humans ever get to Mars, we're going to need some liquid refreshment, and Budweiser wants to be the company that provides it. Hey, every business has to look ahead to new markets.

Representatives of the company spoke about their foamy dream at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas on Sunday, and the company has since followed up by tweeting about it.

It's going to require a lot of planning before Martians and astronauts are clinking toasts in a cantina on the Red Planet. Budweiser bluntly notes in the tweeted graphic that its beer is 90 percent water, and water on Mars is both limited and salty. The beer should be kept at 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit (3.3-4.4 Celsius), but on Mars, temperatures can fall as low as -100 Fahrenheit (-73 Celsius).

The company also noted that conditions on Mars might make for some loud post beer-guzzling gatherings.

"While astronauts can digest most food and drinks in microgravity, carbonation can cause challenges, resulting in what is known as 'wet burps' due to the bubbles wanting to come back up given the gravitational pull."

Sounds like Homer Simpson's pal Barney Gumble would be right at home drinking a microgravity Bud on Mars. Isn't that right, Barney?

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