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BeeLine, the navigation aid that lets you enjoy getting lost

The BeeLine is a simple, compass-like wearable for cyclists, walkers and explorers who want to know where they're going, even when they don't.

The BeeLine points you in the general direction of your destination, leaving you to decide what route to take.


It's nice to get a little lost every now and then -- but with the BeeLine you always know where you're going.

The BeeLine is a little doohickey that attaches to the handlebars of your bike and shows you the direction to your destination, which you enter in the connected iOS or Android app on your phone. It's not a sat-nav -- it doesn't give you turn-by-turn directions telling you which specific roads and turnings to take. Instead, this cycling wearable simply displays an arrow that points towards your destination, as the crow flies.

It's basically a compass, except instead of pointing north it's pointing where you want to end up.

Armed with the helpful arrow pointing the way -- and displaying the distance to your destination -- cyclists can take detours, stray from the path to see the sights, and generally explore the places you pass through. Or more practically, if you encounter heavy traffic you can try and find a quieter route and still know roughly which way to head.

Actually, you don't even have to be a cyclist -- walkers or tourists looking to explore in an unhurried manner can also use it. And it saves you constantly fetching your expensive phone from your pocket if you don't want to draw the attention of wrong'uns.

The BeeLine attaches to your handlebars, or you can strap it to your bag or keep it in your pocket as you walk.


Obviously the BeeLine's simplified navigation is less useful than a sat-nav for getting you from A to B in the most efficient manner, but I've always thought efficiency is overrated. The simple display is definitely less distracting (and less fragile!) than a phone strapped to your handlebars. The e-ink screen ensures the battery lasts for ages, and the flexible silicone case protects it from the elements.

The BeeLine was thought up by keen cyclists Tom Putnam and Mark Jenner. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it's now on sale for -- deep breath -- £99, which converts to around $120 or AU$160 (the company ships worldwide).

Right, on your bike -- saddle up with the smartest cycling tech to make you fast -- and maybe save your ass too.

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