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Because the world needs more keys

Add 16 with this programmable stick-on row

Everything USB

It's not often that a product neatly sums up something that we particularly dislike about technology, but this one pretty much does. And it can be described in one word: buttons.

Buttons on the keyboard, monitor, phones--you name it, and we've probably been baffled by it at one time or another, which is why we much prefer the minimalist approach in our computing. The people at P.I. Engineering obviously disagree, because their solution to more efficient technology is more buttons. A whole 16 of them, in fact, which you can stick just about anywhere (no off-color jokes, please) with its "X-Keys Stick."

They can be programmed for various macros and shortcuts, then be stuck onto the edge of an LCD or create another row on a standard keyboard, according to Everything USB. That may be welcome news to those who have a key fetish, but it certainly won't help win any design awards. One more thing: The $100 stick connects with a cable because we need more wires to go with all the new buttons.