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Because RVs need TV more than anybody

TracVision comes up with camper-ready satellite system.


It's often not hard to spot the RVs and campers that have satellite hookups--they either look like a TV news van or some jerry-rigged version of the truck used in Sanford and Son.

Luckily, the people at KVH are always thinking, and they've come up with a system designed specifically for the mobile-home set. The new "SlimLine" models will beam HD DirecTV signals to your road monster, touted as the "smallest and simplest" of their kind and available either preinstalled or after-market, according to Engadget.

It's not entirely clear to us what features are specific to RVs or campers; perhaps KVH is just marketing the mobile systems this way to avoid criticism for helping drivers watch American Idol instead of the traffic. But if we were to go this route--for passenger viewing only, of course--we'd opt for something like a combo fireplace TV.