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Because 'Genius Bar' was already taken

Sony announces on-site technical support in 15 of its US retail locations.

SonyStyle retail location
Sony's San Diego store already includes the Backstage service.

Today Sony announced Backstage, an in-store support service for its VAIO PCs that includes product consultations, tutorials, and buying advice. Sounds like marketing-speak for "sales" to us, but apparently Backstage staffers can also help troubleshoot hardware and repair or replace components. Additional services, such as data migration, performance enhancements, and memory upgrades, are available for a fee.

The service has already rolled out in San Diego, Scottsdale, and Atlanta, and it will appear in four stores in New York and New Jersey this week. Sony expects to bring the Backstage service to 15 of its Sony Style retail locations by the end of the year.