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Bonjour, 'Beauty and the Beast' fans: Watch the new trailer

Travel to Belle's provincial town with star Emma Watson in the latest preview of the live-action remake.

It's less than a minute long, but "Beauty and the Beast" fans will welcome the trip to the quiet provincial town they can now see in the new trailer, released Monday by Disney.

Instead of random cuts, the trailer for the live-action film rolls straight through the beginning of "Belle," the opening number. Emma Watson plays young Belle, the smart and savvy village girl whose brave attempt to save her father brings her in contact with the hidden-away Beast (Dan Stevens).

In the clip, Belle comes into contact with the village baker, schoolmaster and a variety of other townsfolk, none of whom are quite sure what to make of the bookworm in their midst.

The movie is scheduled for a March 17 release date in the US and UK, and will come to Australia on March 23.

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