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Beats Music buys entertainment e-marketer Topspin

CEO Ian Rogers brings the direct-to-consumer marketing and ticketing company he ran for more than four years into the fold of the recently launched subscription-music service he now leads.

Ian C. Rogers/Beats/

New subscription streaming service Beats Music made its first big purchase Tuesday since the service went live -- a direct-to-customer marketing and ticketing company once run by Beats Music's current chief executive.

Beats Music CEO Ian C. Rogers said in a blog post Tuesday that Beats Music launched with Artist Tools features that included Topspin integration, letting artists to update their profile page with custom images and merchandise offers. The company is acquiring Topspin "to help us achieve this unique vision" of discovering music and engaging with artists.

Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Jimmy Iovine founded Beats with musician and producer Dr. Dre and bought MOG, an on-demand subscription service. The intent was to combine that technology and the Beats brand to create Beats Music, also known by its code name, Daisy.