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Beats by Dre Executive cans take care of bidnith

A new pair of massive headphones from Beats by Dre have a brushed metal finish, and look even pricier than the usual models.

Just when you think you've got your Christmas wish list finalised, along comes Beats by Dre with its Executive headphones and ruins everything.

They're as chunky as the company's other cans, but are much more subtle, living up to the Executive name, reports Recombu.

Instead of plastic, they feature a brushed metal finish, with the grey and black Beats logo in place of the usual red.

They're described as 'high definition' and feature noise-cancellation tech for blocking external noise, making them great for flights -- in business class, of course. Another neat feature is automatic shutoff, which powers down the cans when not in use -- handy for saving battery if you take them off for a while and forget to switch them off.

The Executive will come to the UK, though there's no price or release date as yet. We're expecting them before Christmas, and don't think it's going out on too much of a limb to guess a price somewhere near "really quite a lot."

You can register your interest over at the Executive site, though at time of writing it was down, just saying "We'll be back soon…"

HTC recently inked a deal with Beats by Dre, to bring its audio tech to handsets like the Sensation XE and Sensation XL. Both handsets also ship with the company's in-ear headphones. Prior to that, Beats' chunky cans cashed in on Dr. Dre's cache, being the preserve of hip-hop heads not shy of a bit of bass. The Executive pair seem a cut above the company's usual output though, looking far more discrete.

Would you wear a pair? And how much would you be prepared to pay? Let us know on our Facebook page. No haters.