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Beats by Dre Executive are big, bassy, for busy businessmen

Beats by Dr Dre has two new products, the Executive headphones for business types, and the Beats Pill speaker.

Beats by Dr Dre may be a down-with-the-kids brand, but there's no reason why besuited captains of industry shouldn't be in on the fun. Enter the Beats by Dr Dre Executive, a demure set of headphones that offer noisy sound and won't clash with your accent tie.

Available to pre-order today, Beats boasts these on-ear monsters are "designed to take you from the boardroom to the tarmac and everywhere in between". They come with a hard-shell carrying case and feature active noise cancellation, so your tunes won't be interrupted by jet engines or the moans of poor people as you fly past in your BMW.

That noise-cancellation tech requires additional power, so you'll have to stick some batteries in these cans. Two AAA batteries come in the box. The headphones themselves, meanwhile, promise "crystal-clear highs" and "signature bass", though I'd always recommend trying headphones in a shop before buying them.

Helpfully, these silver soundmakers fold up, making them a bit easier to lug around in your fancy attaché case. The bad news is that you'll pay a premium for these posh headphones -- they're currently available to buy at five pence short of £270. You can pre-order now, but the headphones themselves won't actually be released until 29 October.

Beats headphones aren't cheap, but several models offer decent audio quality. We'll be looking for comfort and crystal-clear sound when it comes to the full review.

Beats Pill

Meanwhile Beats has also crafted a speaker, dubbed the Beats Pill, thanks to its medicinal shape. The Pill comes with NFC and connects to your gadgets via Bluetooth for wireless playback. It has rechargeable batteries, costs £170 and will be released on 5 November.

Beats is a controversial but interesting tech brand. I'd recommend checking out our interview with company president Luke Wood, in which he explains the company's origins and stance on bass, among other things.

Will you be investing in the Beats Executive or swallowing the Pill? Or would you rather wrap your ears in a different set of headphones? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.