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Beatles coming to iTunes?

Clues suggest that the Sept. 5 Apple announcement will include the introduction of The Beatles to iTunes.

As one of my colleagues at Directions on Microsoft pointed out, MacWorld's speculating that the Sept. 5 Apple announcement will include the big news that The Beatles will finally be available on iTunes.

Specifically, my colleague pointed to some comments (scroll down) noting that Apple's promoting the event with the tagline "The Beat Goes On," which appeared twice at the end of the Beatles' final press release, issued on Apr. 10, 1970.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone by playing "Lovely Rita", and the solo catalogs ofPaul, John, and Ringo have all come to iTunes in the last few months--Ringo's just yesterday. Given these facts, I think the odds are pretty good.

Incidentally, the line "and the beat goes on" was used in the 1970 song "Ball of Confusion" by the Temptations. (Later covered to great effect by Love and Rockets.) According to Wikipedia (which might not be correct), they began to record this song on Apr. 12, 1970, two days after the Beatles' breakup press release. Coincidence?