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BEA's Kapoor moves to Gluecode

Chet Kapoor, the former general manager of BEA Systems' integration software group, has resurfaced as CEO of an open-source middleware start-up, Gluecode Software.

Last summer, BEA saw several high-level executives leave the company and Kapoor was one of those people rumored to be on the way out. He's been at Gluecode since January and has taken over the reins from Winston Damarillo, who is moving on to another venture.

Given Gluecode's business, the move seems like a natural for Kapoor. Gluecode sells installation and update services around Java open-source middleware developed at the Apache Foundation. Gluecode is trying to undercut proprietary Java middleware on price with a suite of open-source server products, including the Geronimo application server, a portal and process automation server.

The team of Geronimo developers is still in the process of getting certification for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standard, according to Geir Magnusson Jr., who is a member at Apache and employed at Gluecode.

Kapoor was one of the technical people behind BEA's Quicksilver, a product that combines Web services integration and management tools.