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Beam your motto in a strobe across the chest

The "T-Sketch" will light up your personal message in a pulsating glow.

Thumbs Up UK

There's apparently some kind of nostalgia kick going on around the "T-Qualizer" shirt that was all the rage a year ago. Yesterday we saw the same creators come out with an equalizer frame (the "SpeaQualizer)," and now there's the "T-Sketch."

This latest example of illuminated superfluousness features a sewn-in panel where you can write a message, which in turn shows up in colored lights powered by AAA batteries ranging from a "gentle glow" to a "pulsing strobe," according to Pocket-lint, depending on the appropriate delivery for the missive.

And if you mess up or change your mind, not to worry. The panel has a "wipe-clean" surface.