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Beam pics from camera to computer with Eye-Fi 2GB SD card, $59 shipped

These are new, rebate-free Eye-Fi cards for 20 bucks less than the regular price.


By now you've probably heard of Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory card that wirelessly beams photos from your camera to your PC. When it first came out last year, I thought it was overpriced at $99--but now you can scoop up an Eye-Fi Home card for just $59 shipped.

(Note: The above link takes you to CNET's product page for the Eye-Fi Home. On the right-hand side, you'll see that several vendors are offering the card for $59. To get free shipping, choose either BuyDig or Beach Camera.)

I've been testing an Eye-Fi for the last couple weeks, and it's pretty cool. The only downside is having to leave your camera on while the photos get transferred, but it definitely beats having to fish out a USB transfer cable or pop the memory card out of the camera and into a reader.

If you want a little more versatility, BuyDig has the Eye-Fi Share for $79. In addition to beaming pix to your PC, it can automatically upload them to any number of online photo services (Facebook, Flickr, Snapfish, etc.). But wait: Starting Oct. 5, owners of the Home card can get the same Web-sharing feature for an annual fee of $9.99. (Eye-Fi also plans to roll out a free firmware update that will improve transfer speeds.)

My advice: Buy the Home card now, spend the extra 10 bucks if you decide you want Web sharing, then reevaluate after a year. You'll still come out ahead.