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Beam me up, Alexa! Onyx communicator gets voice assistant integration

Orion Labs announces Alexa compatibility with its Star Trek-like walkie-talkie. You'll soon be able to play rock-paper-scissors with Amazon's voice assistant.

Amazon's Alexa is boldly going where no voice assistant has gone before.

Now you can wear the voice assistant on you at all times, as Orion Labs announces Alexa's compatibility with Onyx -- a smart walkie-talkie that works like the communicators in Star Trek.

"Onyx makes communicating -- with people and with exciting new voice services like Amazon Alexa -- faster and better," Orion Labs founder and CEO Jesse Robbins said.

The clip-on communicator announced its Amazon Alexa integration.

Courtesy of Orion Labs

The integration lets Onyx users get weather and news updates, control their smart home or order food with Alexa from anywhere. Any voice command available with Alexa -- including a game of rock-paper-scissors -- is available through Onyx.

Alexa's integration is expected to be released as a free update in the fourth quarter this year. Users can also speak with their friends through the clip-on communicator.

The smart walkie-talkie connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and reaches Alexa through data connections. Onyx is available to purchase at $199 for a pack of two devices.