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BEA Systems unveils security upgrade, developer tools

Company introduces AquaLogic Enterprise Security 3.0 and a set of Eclipse-related developer tools, announces BEA Guardian will now be free.

BEA Systems rolled out a slew of announcements Wednesday and, no, none of them had to do with Oracle's efforts to acquire the company, or BEA's largest shareholder Carl Icahn raising a stink about its lackluster share price.

Rather, the company unveiled its BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security 3.0, its new WebLogic Event Server tools to support Eclipse's open-source environment, and announced its BEA Guardian will be offered free of charge.

BEA's AquaLogic Enterprise Security 3.0 is designed to dish up new security service modules to aid customers' ability to secure application integrations, business processes, a range of application environments and corporate data stored in relational databases. BEA plans to make the 3.0 version generally available on Friday.

The middleware vendor also rolled out its Eclipse-based tooling support for BEA WebLogic Event Server users. The tools aim to enable Eclipse developers to quickly code, test, and deploy service-oriented architecture services and applications geared toward processing numerous data streams, using rules to detect patterns and characteristics in the data.

BEA is not only offering up its BEA Guardian for free, but also will do likewise when its BEA Guardian 1.1 version makes its debut in the spring. BEA Guardian is designed to scan application servers and remove potential incompatibilities before they occur. In the next version, 1.1, BEA will also bundle the software in with its upcoming WebLogic Server releases.