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BEA ships WebLogic app server

BEA highlights features of its newly released Java application server, WebLogic Server 9.0, which are designed to simplify administrative tasks.

BEA Systems on Monday detailed the features of WebLogic Server 9.0, which is now generally available.

The company's Java application server, formerly code-named Diablo, is designed to minimize the amount of time that the WebLogic servers need to be taken offline, said Bill Roth, the company's vice president of product marketing. For example, the server allows administrators to update software running on a cluster without having to interrupt any of the applications running in the cluster. WebLogic Server 9 is also designed to simplify administrative tasks. It introduces a customizable portal which allows system administrators to configure applications and network connections. It introduces a scripting tool based on Jython for running several tasks at once. The low-end Express version is priced at $495 per CPU and $10,000 for WebLogic Advantage, Roth said.