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Tech Industry

BEA gets deeper into open source

The software maker moves source code to Apache and beefs up tools on its developer collaboration Web portal.

Software maker BEA Systems announced on Wednesday that the source code from its Beehive open-source development tool initiative is now available from the Apache Software Foundation. In addition, BEA's XML Beans programming technology is now a full-fledged Apache project, the San Jose, Calif.-based company said.

Separately, BEA unveiled moves to improve its Dev2dev collaboration Web portal for programmers, adding content about open-source development and introducing tools to make code-sharing easier. Through a partnership with technical publisher O'Reilly Media, the portal will incorporate Weblogs and wikis to foster community involvement in BEA's software, said Dave Cotter, the company's director of developer marketing. The portal will also include a link to a CollabNet service that will enable developers from all parts to share source code.