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Be the king of Szeroki Ostrow

Buy an island online? Does the price include fishing rights

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect gift this year? If you have $6.8 million U.S. there's a 217-acre island in Poland waiting.

Szercki Ostrow, in the middle of Sniardy Lake (right near Czarci!), is up for sale on Private Islands Online, which specializes in, you guessed it, selling islands.

Naturally, a lot of the islands up for sale are in sunnier climes. Garip Island in Turkey sells for $20 mil, and it is only 88 acres. There's one in Greece for 1.5 million Euros, but it's only 2.5 acres. That won't even fit a decent miniature golf course.

The real bargains are up North. Little Cumbrae Island, going for 2.5 million pounds, is 684 acres and comes with some houses and the remains of a castle. It's also in Scotland, where beach resorts aren't too common.

"Over the years there have been a number of shipwrecks on Wee Cumbrae," the site reads.

Davis Island near Nova Scotia, all 0.8 acres of it, sells for $27,900 Canadian. That's less than a Winnebago.

Personally, I'm going to save up for Nsonga, a $999,500 island in Lake Victoria, just 20 minutes from Uganda by canoe.