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Be shows off future apps

Macworld Expo "The other" operating system draws attention at Macworld as Be demonstrates applications under development for its platform.

Macworld Expo SAN FRANCISCO--Macworld visitors today will get a glimpse into the future of "the other" operating system from Be as the company shows off applications under development for the BeOS platform.

While the number of applications is still limited, Be says it expects more developers to announce new applications by the time of the first public release of the BeOS which is slated for sometime in the first quarter of this year.

The BeOS was designed from the beginning to support multiple processors in a single system, a feature known as multiprocessing. The BeOS is also built to make use of multithreading--breaking down complex tasks into smaller operations which can be executed in parallel, thus speeding up the system overall. Be is also demonstrating new software for the BeOS, called VirtualMac, which is expected to allow the BeOS to run Macintosh OS applications.

BeOS applications being shown include the following:

Purity Software will show the first full-featured Web server for the BeOS, which has support for multiple servers, logging and monitoring, and local and remote administration.

Lorienne Software will exhibit a number of programs, including word processor Reggae. Reggae is billed as able to drop objects into text and have the entire document reflow around the object as the object is dragged. Lorienne will also show LRDraw, a drawing program.

For developers, Lorienne is showing a beta version of AppSketcher, a tool that helps create graphical user interfaces for applications. AppSketcher automatically generates the C and C++ code needed, based on objects within the BeOS and on developer-created objects, according to the company.

Adamation will show Studio A, a presentation development tool that simplifies the creation and scripting of interactive multimedia presentations. The company will also show its dynaVu 3-D technology, which combines the capabilities of a system browser and a web browser.

Metrowerks, a maker of Mac software development systems, will show the latest CodeWarrior for BeOS features and will discuss its plans for Java implementation on the BeOS.

Level Control Systems will be demonstrating CueMaster in conjunction with Be. This is the heart of an audio design system for the control of audio at theaters, retail spaces, or parks.

Beatbox will have a new audio editing and effects package that allows for the production of real-time effects on digital streams of music. The package is designed to help create soundtracks for events, CDs or presentations.