<b>Drive Setup 1.3.1: how is it doing?

Drive Setup 1.3.1: how is it doing?


It's been almost two weeks since Drive Setup 1.3.1 was released. This, as you may recall, is the version of Drive Setup that should remedy certain specific causes of blinking question mark startup problems on certain Macs with IDE drives. So what has reader reaction been so far?

Mostly positive. Typical responses include:
"I installed 1.3.1 on three machines, two of which are running OS 8. So far, it's been working perfectly." (Steve Weintraub)
"My Mac has suffered from this ever since OS 8 was installed; however, updating to Drive Setup 1.3.1 licked the problem cleanly, and so far so good." (Bill Secrest)

However, there have also been several problems reported. This includes reports that the update had no effect on a blinking question mark problem or, in a couple of cases, that Drive Setup 1.3.1 precipitated blinking question mark problems where none existed before. In one such case, Gary Griffin reported that reverting to an older version of Drive Setup (1.2.2) cured the problem.

The problem with the problem reports is that they do not yet have enough in common to truly nail down Drive Setup as the cause. For example, installing any new driver on a disk that already has data corruption (such as the sort that Norton Utilities would fix) can cause problems. In any case, it always pays to check your drive for corruption and back up your drive before installing a new driver - as well as, if possible, first testing the driver out on a disk other than your main startup disk.

Nikole Sledd has successfully used Drive Setup 1.3.1 to revive several computers that had blinking question mark problems. Here is a summary of the procedure she used: Copy Drive Setup 1.3.1 to a floppy disk; startup from a bootable CD-ROM disc; update the driver of the problem drive; restart with the Norton Utilities CD-ROM disc and run Norton Disk Doctor; reboot with the Mac OS 8 CD and do a clean install of the system software (bypassing the option to update the driver!). Finally, restart with your problem (now fixed) drive. All your data should still be intact.

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