<b>DiskEssentials follow-up: Total Recall replies

DiskEssentials follow-up: Total Recall replies


Kelly Leopard, of Total Recall, replies to our recent item on DiskEssentials.

a. Regarding reports of problems with DiskRX checking partitioned drives: Kelly says this has now been fixed with version 1.1.1. This is available as part of a Maintenance Pack update, available free to all registered users.

b. Regarding problems with SCSI cards, Kelly writes: "DiskEssentials Users Guide and our website states that the current version is not compatible with controller cards. We will be implementing compatibility in a future Maintenance Pack release."

c. Regarding the failure of DiskRX to launch on certain Mac models, Kelly claims: "We are investigating this and will release a patch when corrected."

d. Regarding the lack of availability of DiskEssentials, Kelly says that "backorders are now complete and for all future orders we will be able to ship same day service." Perhaps confirming this, I received an email from Tim Donahue who said: "Lo and behold, after no response (for months) from them, DiskEssentials appeared at my mailbox today!"

e. Regarding general complaints about Total Recall's customer service, Kelly admits that it has been pretty bad. He claims they have now doubled their support staff and added more phone lines and are generally working to improve things. They have also started a 30 day MBG. I know some readers, who feel they have been burned by Total Recall, will be skeptical of all this. I understand. Only time will tell if things really do get better. Meanwhile, Kelly says you can call in your complaints to customer service at 800-743-0566 or via email.

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