<b>Desktop Printing Menu disappearance: a clarification

Desktop Printing Menu disappearance: a clarification


I had previously reported that some users found that their Desktop Printing menus vanished after updating to Mac OS 8. There was a bit of confusion here. I had assumed they meant the menus that appear when you click on a desktop printer icon. However, it is now clear that they were referring to the separate Desktop Printer Menu extension that lists all desktop printers in your menubar. This indeed does seem to be gone in Mac OS 8. And installing an older version from Mac OS 7.x is not likely to work (based on reports I have received), though some have reported success here.

Update: Word is that this extension may be back in LaserWriter 8.5. It also appears to be in the current Color StyleWriter 6500 software (Desktop Printing software v. 2.1 gets installed and it worked with Mac OS 8, according to Brian Tuttle).

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